Creating An Atmosphere Of Generosity At Your Gala Fundraising Event

The environment we are in can affect our mood and even our willingness to give. It has been scientifically documented that a clean, fresh smelling room will stimulate a sense of generosity that results in more money being donated to charity. Your guests are in your realm of influence for several hours, so what are some other ways you can control the environment to put them in the mood to give?


  • treating your guests with respect and making them feel special
  • modelling generous behaviour by being generous towards your guests
  • encouraging family attendance – according to the NY Times, men become more generous in the presence of a female family member, particularly daughters
  • demonstrating gratitude for people’s generosity


  • creating a fun environment
  • ensuring the room has a clean, fresh smell like citrus
  • using colour – gold arouses a sense of compassion, generosity and giving


  • being specific about what you are fundraising for and how much you need to achieve this
  • telling your story effectively and delivering an emotional plea for help
  • creating a personal connection/bond between the guest and your cause

The list could go on. Electronic bidding is another way you can make guests feel special and connected while having fun, leading to more bidding and generosity. For information about creating an atmosphere of generosity at your gala fundraising event, contact Ezybidz on 1300 399 243.