Are You Making The Biggest Mistake In Fundraising Auctions?

What could be a bigger mistake in fundraising auctions than losing a percentage of the money you raise to a fundraising company? After all your hard work pulling together a multifaceted fundraising gala event with entertainment and decorations, arranging media coverage, inviting your supporters, and of course procuring those have-to-have items for your auction, why would you allow a fundraising company to skim the cream from what you raise?

It’s a question that boggles our minds. And what further astounds us is that these companies often provide their bidding system with no service! That means that you are paying to do the work of loading all of your auction items into their program and running the auction yourself, including if anything goes wrong. They might even tell you that this way you’re keeping everything internal and will have more control over your auction. Of course you’ll have more control – you’ll be doing all the work for the auction on top of everything else that needs to happen at your event!

Fixed pricing is the only way to ensure that your budget is fixed and not hit by nasty surprises. Save thousands of dollars over electronic bidding providers with fees that are based on the financial success of your event. You’re paying for a fixed service – why should you pay more when nothing more is done to earn it?

Avoid this mistake by examining electronic bidding providers and finding out up-front what you expect to pay. Ezybidz is proud to be able to offer our premium silent auction bidding system with our full service, including our staff at your event, at no cost to you by including fixed price consignment items in your auction. Or you can simply pay the flat rate for this same service without the consignment items. Discover more by calling us on 1300 399 243.

How To Use Ballot Bidding To Raise More Money At Your Fundraising Event

Imagine you’re running a fundraising event and a guest is bidding on that holiday they just have to have. But so is a guest at the next table, and the table two over. That’s fantastic isn’t it? Three people bidding on one great item will certainly push the price up and raise more money for your charity. But they’re each going to stop at some point, and even though the highest bidder will win, the other 2 people may not win anything else and will walk away from your event without having contributed. This is the danger in a silent auction.

Now imagine a fundraising event where all three bidders win the holiday. Wouldn’t that make a difference to your bottom line! All three get what they want while contributing to your fundraising. That’s the beauty of a ballot auction.

A ballot auction is a variation on a traditional silent auction with all items listed in a catalogue where guests can write their maximum bid for each item they would like to win. Items are listed as “one only” or “multiples available” depending on their availability. “One only” items are sold to the single highest bidder, while multiple items can be sold from highest bidder down until sold out. This is how our three bidders can each win the same holiday and triple the amount raised on one item for your cause.

Gone are the days when money walks out of the room because they didn’t win their bids. And your most popular items can generate more funds for you. To find out more about ballot auctions and how you can raise more money, contact Ezybidz today on 1300 399 243.


Win Your Favourite Charity A Prize Worth $17,500 ‘Our Heroes Need Heroes’

We launched the ‘our Heroes Need Heroes’ initiative on Tuesday 24th of June, seeking to inspire everyone to actively promote the good work of their favourite charity. We set up an easy way for anyone to nominate and tell all their friends about the great work your favourite charity does, through the ‘Our Heroes Need Heroes’ facebook app, with full sharable functions. The aim is to win your favourite charity a holiday in Phuket worth $17,500, with accommodation in a luxury villa.

The charity that tallies up the most number of votes by 1st of August, wins the holiday to be auctioned at their next fundraising event. Ezybidz are providing the entire package.

The premise of the initiative is charities contribute immensely to society. Whether ensuring the health and wellbeing of children, animals, the elderly, environment, poverty-stricken communities, on rescue missions or providing local sporting opportunities, these organisations are always there to help. In essence Ezybidz feel charities are the everyday hero.

The initiative aims to provide a platform where anyone can make a difference for these organisations. Ezybidz Founder Michael Dever said, “There are 600,000 registered charities in Australia, and in our busy lives, we can forget the good work they do. This is our way of showing appreciation.” “I am fortunate enough to work with a number of great organisations around Australia, which makes running this initiative very rewarding.”
Start nominating or get voting!