The best time of the year to fundraise

Australia is one of the most charitable countries in the world so it is important to find any opportunity to fundraise for your organisation. Fundraising events are valuable for your charity and it is important to organise events year-round. Not only to raise significant funds for your charity but also to promote the important work you do and to build connections with companies and organisations. Ezybidz is your number one fundraising consultant company and is always available to assist you with every aspect of your fundraising by using our unique Electronic Auction system.

Here are a few annual calendar dates, listed in order, to get you started on your 2015 calendar. Let’s kick off 2015 to be the best fundraising year for your charity!

January is still in play! While most people are likely to be generous towards non-profits during the December month, Ezybidz has found that the curve of year-end giving continues until January-February. Some donors allow for their budget to recover, then they give. Other donors, those who had given away their budgeted charitable amounts long before 31st December, are now able to reconsider you in January because they are looking at their New Year budget. So go ahead and ask your donors for support in January and let Ezybidz assist you so you can get the most out of your fundraising event. It is great to host a fundraising event early in the year to kick off the New Year and keep your charity on the map for the donors and corporate support!      

Summer-Autumn: A great time to fundraise. 
This period is full of public holidays such as Easter, Queen’s Birthday and Anzac day, which is a great time to organise a themed charity event! People are looking for an event to attend so charities should take every opportunity of this.

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are underused days to ask for support. People are drawn to value-oriented ways to celebrate these holidays, so giving in memory of, or in honour of, our loved ones or “Mums” works well. The histories of these holidays are rich and culturally varied so you can take an approach that best fits your non-profit organisation. Ezybidz offers several unique and fantastic auction items that would be perfect for these occasions, such as our wonderful Ultimate Indulgence, Champagne Class or Luxury Sailing Packages.

July and August create a cosy family feeling amongst people and therefore a higher level of generosity is present. Ezybidz offers year-round fundraising solutions and will be able to assist you with all of your fundraising events throughout these chilly months. There is nothing as magical as a Winter Ball!

From September to December, Australia is entering spring time and is slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. This leads to an even higher generosity and therefore it is important to start organising your End-of -Year events early so you can ensure that you will raise as much money as possible for your charity, and make the most of your event. Ezybidz offers many amazing items that would be perfect for this time of year such as the Tuscany Winter Wonderland experience which is one of our best selling items.

For the best possible service, technology and fundraising consults, contact Ezybidz and let us take care of making your event a great success. Ezybidz cares about you and your charity!



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Want to Inspire More Donations? Focus on Your Donors

By Bob Gorman


If you’re raising funds for your organization and you would like to increase the number of donations, remember that one of your main tasks is to identify and inspire potential and existing donors. Here are four simple ways to do just that:

1. Find Motivated Donors

It may seem obvious, but the first step to inspiring more donations is to find donors who are motivated to donate – and in fact, may have already done so. People who express interest in advance in donating to non-profits, and those who have already donated in the past, tend to make larger contributions when they actually donate.

One of the most important ways to find potential donors is to leverage the power of social relationships and community. Invite people who’ve already donated to get their friends involved. Set up social media channels and newsletters so that people who donate can let their friends know your cause is important to them. Host social events where like-minded people can mingle and learn more about your organization’s work. Outreach to motivated donors not only increases the likelihood of larger donations, but also helps widen your network of potential contributors!

 2. Maintain Relationships and Keep Your Donors Informed

Your relationship with donors doesn’t end once they’ve made a donation! In fact, you should think of a donation as the first step in a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. It’s crucial to maintain communication with past donors and let them know the impact their donation has had:

–        Invite donors to join your newsletter and/or social media channels, and provide regular updates on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.

–        Illustrate the impact of their contributions by featuring testimonials and stories of the work your organization is doing. It’s easier to appreciate how donations make a difference through personal stories rather than reading statistics or viewing charts.

3. Show Your Appreciation

If you want to inspire donors to give more, it’s important to make donating a positive and gratifying experience. Some donors may also discontinue their support if they feel their donation isn’t making an impact and their contributions are being used without acknowledgment. So make sure to let your donors know how important they are!

In addition to communication and thank-you messages, one of the best ways to show your appreciation and improve donor retention is through live, in-person fundraising events. Everyone appreciates the opportunity to dress up and celebrate a worthy cause in a room full of friends, colleagues, and like-minded people.

Fundraising events not only help strengthen social ties and a sense of community within your existing fundraising base, they also help attract potential new donors! On that note, it’s a good idea to hold your event at an elegant and glamorous venue with amazing atmosphere and enjoyable entertainment; not only will the atmosphere make your donors feel appreciated and important, but it will also help create a unique and memorable experience that your donors will be excited and proud to tell others about – in fact, they may be so excited they’ll extend invitations to friends and colleagues, bringing in new potential contributors to your cause!

4. Make Donating Fun and Easy

Most people have heard by now of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which got millions of people to “challenge” their friends and peers while also donating to a worthy cause. This shows the impact that fun games and challenges can have in non-profit fundraising. So consider hosting fundraising challenges or auctions to motivate people and get their friends involved – all in the spirit of friendly competition!

Of course, you could have some of the most motivated donors in the world, but if they can’t figure out how to actually make a donation, or donating requires them to go through complicated paperwork or obstacles, then you might be missing some great opportunities for your charity. So make sure you have convenient, easy-to-use methods set up beforehand to accept donations, along with clear instructions on how to make a donation.

As the above illustrates, the best way to inspire donations for your fundraising campaign is to focus on your donors. Remember that your donors like to feel inspired and informed, and that they have valuable social networks of friends and colleagues whom they’d like inspire and inform in turn!

Author: Bob Gorman