3 Reasons Why Consignment Items Will Raise More

Would you like to offer some incredible items in your fundraising- auction that will excite your guests and increase bidding? Then consignment items are your best option!

Consignment items are goods and services that are offered with no upfront cost and no risk since anything that doesn’t sell is returned to the consignor without any charges involved. The items will have a low wholesale reserve to cover the consignor’s costs, and the difference between this and the sale price goes directly to your fundraising total – think school kids selling fundraising chocolates.

1. The advantage of consignment

Items taken on consignment have a number of advantages. First there is no risk involved and it is quick and simple. You can choose from items that are most suitable for your event and what your guests are likely to buy. By having premier items available you can draw bidders to your event and use them to set the bar for donations by providing a higher expectation for your procurement team to work towards. Ezybidz offers a wide selection of consignment items that will make your guests want to bid at your event! From amazing holidays to beautiful memorabilia. Through consignment you gain access to otherwise unavailable experiences at well below retail.

2. The limitation of donations

Donations obviously have their place and the advantage of providing 100% return, but consignment items can add an extra benefit to your fundraiser as consignment items can fill the gap and offer auction- items that they are unlikely to get donated. The acquisition of suitable donated items ultimately depends on the personal connections of your procurement team and their ability to solicit donations. When you’re trying to meet a quota of one item for every 10 guests, needing a variety of items and price points, you will soon find that the best method is a combination of your donated auction items and consignment items.

3. A comprehensive approach

The beauty of including consignment items along with your donated items is that you can supplement any shortfall in quantity, quality or variety. Don’t leave your guests wanting more.  Your guests will arrive knowing approximately how much they want to spend at your event. If you don’t provide items that excite them they may leave your event without leaving the financial support they intended.  It would be such a shame to have guests that are willing to spend more on something unique but nothing fits the bill! And if something on consignment is proving very popular you can usually offer a second to the under-bidder, boosting your funds raised.

Additionally you can pair up a donated item with a consignment one to create a unique and desirable package with a less discernible value. And best of all, consignment items come with a fundraising consultant who can assess your event and your guests to provide a customised list of auction items that will offer the best returns, plus a team of experienced professionals who will set up your display and help to sell the items.

With one phone call to Ezybidz you can fill your auction catalogue in its entirety or supplement your donations with fabulous items. The wide range of items available on consignment means that you can meet every expectation quickly and easily.

Find out more about incorporating consignment items into your charity auction by calling us on 1300 399 243 or visit our website www.ezybidz.com.au for more information.