Congratulations HeartKids NSW on winning the Phuket Holiday valued at $17,500!

Ezybidz Facebook campaign Our Heroes need Heroes attracted huge attention on social media and the votes were many but in the end HeartKids proved themselves to have the strongest social media support and won the Phuket Holiday valued $17,500 donated by Ezybidz Fundraising Solutions!

The Facebook campaign was active from 24th June to 31st July, during which the audience could nominate and vote for their favourite charity or foundation.
Working with charities all over Australia, Ezybidz knows how hard they work to make our world a better place and this was our way to show gratitude by rewarding a local charity who has had a wonderful impact on their local community.

HeartKids dedicate their love and support to families of children with Heart Disease, while raising awareness and vital funds into the causes of this chronic disease. While for many families of these children the future is clouded with uncertainty, their goal is to secure the futures of these special kids.
David Rose, CEO of HeartKids NSW, together with his team have been overwhelmed by all the support and amount of votes HeartKids received. The Phuket holiday will be included in their next fundraising ball Tiny Tickers. On behalf of everyone at Ezybidz, we wish them all the best and luck in raising funds for their important cause!

We would also like to thank all other charities for their incredible contribution to our community. Your work is much appreciated so we encourage you to keep doing the great work by helping those in need.

Besides the winner, we also want to present to you the top 10 charities from the Our Heroes Need Heroes campaign:

  • Heartkids NSW
  • Captain Courageous
  • Anglicare
  • Hear and say
  • Senses
  • One girl
  • ACT Eden Monaro
  • Cootharinga North Queensland
  • TLC for kids
  • Wheely ambitious