How to encourage bidding at your auction

So you decided to undertake a charity auction at your event.   You have worked hard to get the auction list just right for your supporter base; you have got a good balance between experiences, holidays and memorabilia and you have thought hard about your audiences and what their likes are, their age range and approximately how much you think they would spend in one night.  Haven’t you?

And now it is the night of the big event.  How do you ensure that all the planning will lead to a bumper amount of money being raised? 

Bidding is the key to filling the coffers at any fundraising auctions. The more excitement in the room, the more people get involved in the bidding process, the more bids are made and the more money will be raised.

This means that encouraging bidding should be a top priority and why it is important to consider a professional auctioneer or MC right from the outset.

Ezybidz uses an electronic auction system which in itself leads to a novel way of bidding at an event.  People either use their mobile phone or tablet to view items and place bids.

Using an electronic bidding system is the simplest way to encourage bidding in an electronic (silent) auction. Supporters get involved in the excitement, fun and ease of bidding on their phone.

Rivalry can be a great way of increasing the amount paid on an item and in electronic auction, supporters will be notified when they are outbid encouraging them to bid again.

When bidders want to beat the competition as well as win the item, a win at all costs mentality is created and when other people are watching it is only human nature to become more competitive.

Ezybidz displays a leader board with all current winning bidders and this itself is a great way to leverage social pressure as bidders can watch their bid and if and when someone trumps them.

It’s important to create a sense of urgency which will encourage guests to bid as they feel they might miss out if they don’t act quickly. Electronic bidding increases this sense of urgency with its outbid notices and countdown clock.

Planning for a successful event also includes considering how to maximise income generated at this one time or once a year event.

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