Knowing your fundraising audience

As fundraisers, it is important to know your non-profit audience. Who are the individuals you’re targeting?

If your answer is, “people who care about my cause,” you’re right, but that’s not very helpful when you’re designing great fundraising communications. Instead, you need to get inside your audience’s head.

What motivates these donors? What values do they have? Why do they give? What’s their interaction with you like? All of these factors need to be taken into account while organising your fundraising event as different audiences have different needs and desires and the auction items you choose for your audience depend on these factors. Ezybidz offer a wide variety of auction items which will suit all audiences. From cruises to memorabilia, Ezybidz will help you find the best items for your audience.

In order to get to know your audience and choose the best possible items for your fundraising event, there are three important steps you need to take:

Step 1: Audience Discovery

We often make a number of assumptions about who our audience is. Mostly, we assume that they are like us and that’s simply not true! It is important to go through a discovery process to get to know your real audience.

How do you do this?

You can start with the data that you have collected from surveys, Google Analytics and similar data collection systems. From this collection of information, you can make a number of inferences about your audience. But at some point, you’re going to need to talk to people. Make some phone calls. Hold a few interviews with key stakeholders. These one-on-one conversations are where the best information will come from. You’ll hear exactly how your supporters self-identify, what nuanced language they use to talk about the cause and why they like your organization’s work.

Step 2: Create Your Audience Profile

Once you’ve done some discovery and have collected enough data points to start to see some trends in your audience, it’s time to create your audience profile. Your audience persona is a mock-up of a fictional audience member. You give them a name, picture, life story, demographic details from your research, etc. The goal of creating this composite is to have a really clear picture of who you’re talking to.

Step 3: Use Your Profile as a Filter

After creating an audience persona, you’ll use it as a filter for each and every decision you make. Every time you create a donor, communications piece or a fundraising appeal, ask yourself – would this resonate with my target audience?

Once you have established who your target audience is, contact Ezybidz and let us help you select the best possible items that will make your fundraiser a guaranteed success.

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