Smartphone and Tablet Bidding

Bidding by smartphone or tablet is easy – guests can register at the event or beforehand.

It is as easy as sending a text message with the event keyword to a given mobile number.
When guests follow the link in their welcome text message they can see items, current bids, make donations, and place bids, as well as add items to their watch-list to follow their progress.
Our electronic bidding system has proved to be incredibly popular at events, and accounts for almost 95% of the bids received!
Guests receive instant outbid alerts direct to their phones to keep them highly engaged and bidding higher. Some friendly competition is entertaining for your guests and beneficial for your charity.
As part of the customer service that we provide at the event, the friendly staff from Ezybidz will also have iPad’s available to assist guests and work as personal shoppers!

Open Simultaneous Bidding Anywhere

Our exclusive technology now makes it possible for guests at your event and people not present, to bid simultaneously for items, opening more streams and making the auction more competitive.

You can open up bidding online prior to the event, making the experience very convenient, while driving bids up even before the event!
Preview the system through our demo- Simply scroll, select and bid